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Computer Security

The threat that hackers and viruses present to the modern computer owner is very real! Many computers have “security holes” that can be penetrated by viruses and hackers. Without the proper tools and knowledge, you may be at risk of having your data destroyed and your computer rendered unusable! Hackers may even be able to control your computer and spy on you!

I can equip you with what you need to keep your computer secure in the modern digital world.

Performance Check-up

Did you know that many computers by any manufacturer (Gateway, HP, Dell, etc.) are not configured for optimal performance even from the day they are purchased!? Even worse, the performance of many computers tends to degrade the more they are used! However, the professionals know of tweaks and tricks to improve performance and reliability.

I can give your computer a full performance evaluation, and identify how you may be able to improve the speed and stability of your system.


“Oh no! Not another crash!”

If you’re having computer problems, you want them fixed quickly and at an affordable rate! For your convenience, I offer morning, afternoon, and evening repair services and I can repair your computer at your location or at our shop. I can even pick your computer up and return it promptly when the work is complete!


I can provide you with personal tutoring, customised to your needs.

Many people are not getting the most out of their computers! A modern computer is capable of much more than the average consumer realises. Want to learn how to stop reaching dead ends when you’re searching on the ‘net? Or how to use that new program? Don’t take an expensive class that isn’t custom-tailored to your needs! Get one-on-one training, on your own computer!

If you’re new to computers, or you just need to improve your computer skills, I can help you to get the knowledge and skills you need to feel comfortable using a computer.

If you just have a few questions about how to use your computer, like how to work with your digital pictures, how to use the new program you bought, or how to find things on the Internet more effectively, then call us and ask about one-on-one tutoring personalised to your needs.

If you need to improve your computer skills or learn how to use popular office software like Microsoft Word in order to land that new job or promotion, I can make sure that you get the training you need!


If you’re tired of waiting on your slow computer, you may be able to upgrade it for less money than it would cost to buy a new computer. If you’re planning to purchase a new processor to improve your computers performance, or a new video card to let you play the latest games, talk to a professional first! I can help you to make an informed purchase, and we can even install your upgrade for you!

New Computer Set-up

If you’ve purchased a new computer for your home or office, having a professional set your system up may help you to avoid unnecessary problems and lost time both in the present and future.

Network Set-up and Installation

Whether you are setting up a broadband connection like DSL or cable, a wired or wireless home network, or you need an Intranet for your business, there are many benefits to having a professional set it up for you on-site. Call me first, I can help!

New Computer Purchases

Not being well informed when you make a purchase is risky. When you’re buying a new computer or upgrade, some professional advice can help you make sure you are purchasing something that meets your needs and getting a good deal. Call today and speak with a professional!