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Website Maintenance

Website maintenance refers to ongoing changes to a website once it is published on the Internet. As things change within your company or organization, your website should be updated to reflect those changes. A fresh website encourages visitors to return. Visitors that return are more likely to do business with you. Poor maintenance, or a lack thereof, is a sure way of losing them permanently. There is nothing as harmful to your credibility than having outdated information on the Internet for the entire world to see and your competitors to use against you.

You should arrange for your website maintenance requirements in the early stages of your project, as it affects the way your website will be developed. It may possibly to also dictate what type of website hosting should be purchased. I offer website maintenance on either an hourly rate. Development Hours can also be pre-purchased at a discounted rate, with premium emergency service available 24/7. Website maintenance includes revising, editing, or otherwise changing existing web pages to keep your website up to date.

Unlike a printed brochure, a newspaper advertisement, or a video promotion, a website is never really finished. "Website maintenance" refers to updating or revamping your site's content to keep pace with your changing business. Visitors to your site look for what's new, and nothing will cause you to lose visitors faster than having out-of-date information. Even if your core content does not change, it's a good idea to add new content periodically.

Your website is your most cost-effective means of publishing and distributing information, so take advantage of it!